Dean Miller

Dean Miller, a past Chair of the Ontario Pharmacists Association, a Goldhawk-Approved Contributor, offers advice on how prescription and over the counter drugs can be addictive if misused and how a pharmacist can help. 

Dr. Mark Lynas

Dr. Mark Lynas, our favourite dentist, talks about the differences between amalgam and whit fillings and answers questions about the mercury content in the amalgam material. 

Susan Eng

Susan Eng, Executive Vice President of CARP, comments on the fact there are now more people in Canada over 65 than there are under 15 years old. 

Dr. Ritesh Patel

Dr. Ritesh Patel, Chair of the Communications committee on the Board oF Directors for the Ontario Association of Optometrists, describes the importance of regular eye examinations  to check for such things as glaucoma, which in many cases has no symptoms … Continue reading

OPP Sgt. Kerry Schmidt

So far this year 42 people have been killed on OPP-patrolled roads who were not wearing a seat belt, compared to 34 people last year for the same time period, says OPP Sergeant Kerry Schmidt. 

Doug Jones

Doug Jones, Senior Vice President of BDO Canada, a Goldhawk-Approved Contributor, tells stories of how massive family debt problems have led to marriage break-ups and how paying off heavy debts resulted in at least one  marriage reconciliation. 

Steve Morgan

Steve Morgan, Professor of Health Policy At The University of British Columbia’s School of Population And Public Health, comments on the growing tendency in the United States for drug companies to grossly hike the price of generic drugs—and how that … Continue reading

Dr. Max Liboiron & Dr. Natasha Myers

Dr. Max Liboiron, Department Of Sociology at Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador and  Dr. Natasha Myers,  Department of Anthropology & Convenor of The Politics of Evidence Working Group at York University, are campaigning to have science issues discussed in … Continue reading

Natalie Mehra & Georgie Clarke

Natalie Mehra, Executive Director Of The Ontario Health Coalition and Georgie Clarke From the organization “Concerned Friends Of Ontario Citizens In Care Facilities,” talk about badly needed reforms in Ontario’s long term care homes. 

Billy Cheung

Pharmacist Billy Cheung, past Chair of the Ontario Pharmacists Association, a Goldhawk-Approved Contributor, talks about some of the insurance programs that  are available that can help you manage the cost of prescription drugs.