Doug Jones

Doug Jones, Senior Vice President of BDO Canada, and a GFB-approved contributor, offers advice on how to handle large mortgages when interest rates goes up and talks about the latest financial scams that are targeting seniors.

Dr. Hance Clarke

Dr. Hance Clarke, Staff Anesthesiologist and Medical Director of the Pain Research Unit at Toronto General Hospital, part of the University Health Network, talks about his research to find new and more effective ways to control pain.  

Michael Burns

Michael Burns, Co-Founder and Vice Chair of the True Patriot Love Foundation, describes a ten-million-dollar research program to help veterans who face mental and physical challenges.

Irene Atkinson

Veteran Toronto District School Board Trustee Irene Atkinson offers her explanation of TDSB irregularities, including unexplained expenses and contracts, criminal charges against one trustee and mysterious agreements with schools in China.

Elio Atunes

A new survey from Participaction shows most Canadians believe sports can  encourage good character in young people although almost as many people believe that parental behaviour prevents this from happening.

Col. Pat Stogran

Colonel Pat Stogran, former Veteran’s Ombudsman, says the Harper government announcement of 200 million dollars  for veterans is nothing more than window dressing for the upcoming federal election.

Carmen Krogh

Carmen Krogh, a researcher, retired pharmacist and a founding member of the Society for Wind Vigilance, offers her criticism of the Health Canada report on the health effects of wind turbines.

Bruce McClure

Bruce McClure, the President of the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors, says legislation to license and regulate home inspectors could be ready to go in another year and a half.

Pete Karageorgos

Pete Karageorgos, Director of Consumer and Industry Relations in Ontario for the Insurance Bureau of Canada, warns that drivers who want to go into the taxi business using the Uber app might need to take a close look at their … Continue reading

John Tory

Toronto Mayor Elect John Tory says the battle between the online taxi service Uber and the City’s licensing commission, needs to be settled in a city conference room, not in a courtroom.