John Tory

Toronto Mayor Elect John Tory says the battle between the online taxi service Uber and the City’s licensing commission, needs to be settled in a city conference room, not in a courtroom.

Dr. Zach

Our GFB house doctor, Zachary Levine, offers information and advice on the flu, getting the flu shot, watching for symptoms that you might be seriously ill and what to take to shorten, even if just for a day or so, … Continue reading

Kristine Hubbard

Kristine Hubbard, Operations Manager for Beck Taxi says it’s high time the city took Uber, the online taxi service, to court for operating illegally in Toronto. 

Doug Jones

Goldhawk Contributor Doug Jones, Senior Vice President and Trustee in Bankruptcy at BDO Canada, offers help and advice on debt management issues, especially for seniors entering retirement and still in debt. 

Susan Eng

Susan Eng, Vice President of Advocacy at CARP, questions the Ontario government plan to give nursing and retirement homes from 5 to 11 years to install automatic sprinkler systems in older facilities. 

Dr. David Perlmutter

Neurologist Dr. David Perlmutter, the author of the best-selling ‘Grain Brain’ that spoke of the evils of gluten and sugar, has now written a book advising us what we should eat:  The Grain Brain Cookbook

Sabrina Butterfly GoPaul

Sabrina Butterfly GoPaul, from Jane Finch Action Against Poverty, says despite new police regulations on carding, police in Toronto are still breaking the rules.

Joan Morris

Epidemiologist Joan Morris offers her thoughts on the Health Canada’s wind turbine and noise health study.

Libby Znaimer & Laurie Ellies

Libby Znaimer, Vice President of News and Information at Zoomer radio and a member of the board at Pancreatic Cancer Canada; and Laurie Ellies, co-founder, Vice President and acting executive Director for Pancreatic Cancer Canada, announce the first World Pancreatic … Continue reading

Frank Leo

Real Estate Broker Frank Leo offers help and advice buying and selling residential property.