Lori Copeland

‎Lori Copeland, Director of Product and Leisure Programs at Merit Travel, says Canadians are travelling more than ever–due to the cold weather here and despite the dropping Canadian dollar.

Dr. Zach

Our Doctor in the House, Zachary Levine, talks about Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias.

Bill Rutsey

Bill Rutsey, CEO of the Canadian Gaming Association, says provinces are losing millions of dollars in gambling revenue because a Canadian sports gambling bill is being held up in the senate. 

Doug Jones

Doug Jones, Senior Vice President of BDO Canada and a Goldhawk-Approved Contributor, offers his thoughts and advice on falling interest rates and what it could mean for consumers, especially those carrying substantial debt.

Warren Smokey Thomas

Warren Smokey Thomas, the President of the Ontario Public Service Employees Union is predicting tough negotiations with the Ontario government in an effort to get a new contract for 35,000 public service workers. 

Mark Goliger

Mark Goliger, Chief Operating Officer‎ for Right at Home Canada and Marija Padjen , Chief Programs Officer  at Alzheimer’s Toronto talk about how the two organizations work together to help those living with dementia.

Reverend Majed el Shafie

Reverend Majed el Shafie, founder of One Free World International, talks about religious persecution and human rights violations around the world and previews a weekend event to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. 

Frances Jewell

Frances Jewell, Executive Director of the Mental Health Rights Coalition, comments on the Mental Health Commission report released today. 

Dr. David Goldbloom

Dr. David Goldbloom, Chariman of the Board at the Mental Health Commission of Canada, comments on a new Commission report that tracks mental health issues across the country. 

Marcus Gee

Marcus Gee, columnist for the Globe and Mail, says user fees collected by the city of Toronto make this year’s budget much more expensive for the average family.