Brian Pritchard

Brian Pritchard, Senior Vice President and Trustee in bankruptcy for BDO Canada,  a Goldhawk-Approved Contributor,  explains the concept of good debt and how good debt  can still be a bad thing. 

Martin Prince

Professor Martin Prince, lead author of the 2015  World Alzheimer report, says that a new case of dementia is diagnosed every three seconds somewhere in the world. 

Mimi Lowy-Youn

Mimi Lowy-Young, CEO of the Alzheimer Society of Canada, comments on the World Alzheimer Report 2015, which shows the cost of dementia care will rise to one trillion dollars in just three years. 

Albert Koehl

Albert Koehl, Adjunct Professor of Natural Resources Law At Osgoode Hall Law School says the Rover app, where homeowners and people looking for a place to park can connect, is a great idea—a way to unlock a vital, unused part … Continue reading

Kimberley Wakefield

Kimberley Wakefield is a parent of children in elementary school who is worried about Regulation 274 and how it affects the quality of education.  Regulation 274 says that permanent teachers must t be hired based on seniority alone, with no … Continue reading

Nayan Patel

Pharmacist Nayan Patel, a member of the Ontario Pharmacists Association, a Goldhawk-Approved Contributor, offers advice on how pharmacists can help their patients lose weight and learn new eating habits. 

Moses Znaimer

Zoomer Radio is expanding to the FM radio dial, 96.7 in downtown Toronto but also keeping its programming AM740.  Moses Znaimer, Founder, President and CEO of ZoomerMedia, explains the expansion. 

Dr. Ritesh Patel

Dr. Ritesh Patel, from the Ontario Association of Optometrists, a Goldhawk-Approved Contributor, talks about the importance of an annual eye check-up and how it can reveal other conditions in your body. 

Dr. Ted Morris

Veterinarian Dr. Ted Morris talks about when to neuter your dogs and cats and describes a new procedure to give a male dog a vasectomy. 

Doug Jones

Should you send your son or daughter off to university with a credit card?  The answer from Doug Jones, Senior Vice President of BDO Canada, a Goldhawk-Approved Contributor.