Doug Jones

Canadians carrying record amounts of debt don’t seem  too worried about the consequences, says Doug Jones, Senior Vice President of  BDO Canada, a Goldhawk- Approved Contributor. 

Dr. Zach

Our doctor-in-the-house, Dr. Zachary Levine, examines the various causes and treatments for anemia and answers general questions about medical and health care. 

Les Kotzer

Wills and Estates lawyer Les Kotzer explains probating a will: when it needs to be done, what taxes need to be paid and how to avoid probating a will in the first place. 

Doug Jones

Doug Jones, Senior Vice President of BDO Canada, a Goldhawk-Approved Contributor, describes how reality TV, especially renovation shows and wedding shows, encourage a lot of people to borrow and spend more than they can afford. 

Jessica Bell & Joyce Nakanishi

The new UPX train from Union Station to Pearson Airport will still be running two-thirds empty even after a year of operation. Jessica Bell, Executive Director of TTC riders and flight attendant Joyce Nakanishi both want Metrolinx to reduce fares … Continue reading

Howard Levitt

Employment lawyer Howard Levitt describes the painful process of firing, both from the point of view of the person doing the firing and the person being fired. 

Peter Karageorgos

Peter Karageorgos, Director of Consumer & Industry Relations for the Insurance Bureau of Canada, describes how both passengers and UberX drivers can be covered by insurance. He also describes the kind of insurance you need to rent out your house … Continue reading

Dr. Ritesh Patel

Dr. Ritesh Patel, a member of the Board for the Ontario Association of Optometrists, a Goldhawk-Approved Contributor,  talks about the causes and treatments for dry eye. 

Daniel Williams

Daniel Williams from the Canada Anti-Fraud Centre describes a latest series of scams  that that con victims  by threatening them with jail terms. 

Bruce Wiggins

Bruce Wiggins, spokesman for SaveOro talks about his group’s fight against concert promoters planning giant concerts, Including one with Neil Young, planned for Burl’s Creek this summer.