Monthly Archives: September 2011

Tom Reid

Tom Reid, Director of Consumer Solutions at TransUnion Canada, shares new survey results about being in debt, and how to stay out of the red. Continue reading

Fiona Crean

Fiona Crean, the Toronto Ombudsman, tells Dale about an investigation from her office and reminds Zoomers about the work her office can provide. Continue reading

Dr. Zach

Dr. Zach, the GFB house doctor, discusses breathing problems such as COPD, asthma and lung cancer. Continue reading

CARP Debate Candidates on Wind Turbines

Candidates from the CARP debate answer a tough question about wind turbines and the health effects on those who live nearby. Continue reading

Andrea Rosen

Andrea Rosen, Chief Compliance and Enforcement Officer at the CRTC, brings Zoomers up to date on its latest action taken to enforce the Do Not Call List (DNCL). Continue reading

Bob Rae

Bob Rae, Interim Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, chats with Dale about his current role and responsibilities, politics and the economy. Continue reading

Walt McKechnie

Walt McKechnie, former NHL player and prostate cancer survivor, reminds Zoomers about Prostate Cancer Awareness Week. Continue reading

Eric Gillespie

Lawyer Eric Gillespie discusses the Ontario government’s first industrial wind turbine project approved under the Green Energy Act, that has resulted in a $1.5 million lawsuit. Continue reading

Mike Schreiner

Green Party of Ontario Leader Mike Schreiner takes Zoomers questions about issues in the upcoming provincial election. Continue reading

Dr. Daisy Acosta

Dr. Daisy Acosta, Chairman of Alzheimer’s Disease International, discusses with Dale, the importance of World Alzheimer’s Day. Continue reading