Monthly Archives: August 2011

David Morley

David Morley, President & CEO of UNICEF Canada, discusses their work in the Horn of Africa and the need for Canadians to give now. Continue reading

Tom Reid

Tom Reid, Director of Consumer Solutions at TransUnion Canada, provides tips on how students can stay in school and manage their credit card debt. Continue reading

Dr. Roman Jovey

Dr. Roman Jovey, an Ontario-based physician working in the area of pain, discusses a CMAJ editorial and how Canada can move toward addressing the issue of inadequate pain care. Continue reading

John Varty

Professor John Varty discusses his opposition to the proposed mega quarry project north of Toronto near Shelburne and the weekend tractor rally. Continue reading

Patricia Hughes

Patricia Hughes, Executive Director of the Law Commission, discusses the commission initiative to write some legal policy to fight Ageism. Continue reading

Dr. Zach

Dr. Zach, the GFB house doctor, talks to Dale about dementia, and takes Zoomers medical calls. Continue reading

Les Kotzer

Wills and Power of Attorney Lawyer Les Kotzer provides information and advice for Zoomers. Continue reading

Al Maghnieh

Windsor City Councillor Al Maghnieh talks to Dale about the unexplained sounds and vibrations concentrated in west Windsor. Continue reading

Gary Hunter

Gary Hunter, of Hunter & Associates, discusses his hydrogeological and environmental report outlining the reasons the proposed Mega Quarry in Melancthon should not go ahead. Continue reading

Josh Matlow

Toronto City Councillor Josh Matlow talks to Dale about his motion to request a provincial environmental assessment for the proposed Melancthon Mega Quar Continue reading