Carmen Krogh
November 21, 2014

Carmen Krogh, a researcher, retired pharmacist and a founding member of the Society for Wind Vigilance, offers her criticism of the Health Canada report on the health effects of wind turbines.

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Bruce McClure
November 21, 2014

Bruce McClure, the President of the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors, says legislation to license and regulate home inspectors could be ready to go in another year and a half.

Pete Karageorgos
November 21, 2014

Pete Karageorgos, Director of Consumer and Industry Relations in Ontario for the Insurance Bureau of Canada, warns that drivers who want to go into the taxi business using the Uber app might need to take a close look at their … Continue reading

John Tory
November 19, 2014

Toronto Mayor Elect John Tory says the battle between the online taxi service Uber and the City’s licensing commission, needs to be settled in a city conference room, not in a courtroom.

Dr. Zach
November 19, 2014

Our GFB house doctor, Zachary Levine, offers information and advice on the flu, getting the flu shot, watching for symptoms that you might be seriously ill and what to take to shorten, even if just for a day or so, … Continue reading

Kristine Hubbard
November 19, 2014

Kristine Hubbard, Operations Manager for Beck Taxi says it’s high time the city took Uber, the online taxi service, to court for operating illegally in Toronto. 

Doug Jones
November 19, 2014

Goldhawk Contributor Doug Jones, Senior Vice President and Trustee in Bankruptcy at BDO Canada, offers help and advice on debt management issues, especially for seniors entering retirement and still in debt.