Dean Miller
March 30, 2015

Dean Miller, Past Chair of the Ontario Pharmacists’ Association, a Goldhawk-approved Contributor, describes the expanding role of pharmacists in Ontario. 

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Dr. Mark Lynas
March 30, 2015

Our dentist-in-the-house Dr. Mark Lynas, talks about the value of a smile, how research shows wearing a smile can give you a longer life and how a dentist can give you teeth worth smiling about. 

Susan Eng
March 30, 2015

Susan Eng, Vice President of CARP talks about retirement homes where some fees are still payable after the tenant has moved out – or died. 

Dr. David Fishman
March 30, 2015

Dr. David Fishman, Director of the Mount Sinai Hospital Ovarian Cancer Risk Assessment Program in New York City, compliments Angela Jolie on her courage in disclosing  her new surgery to prevent ovarian cancer. 

Alex Mihailidis
March 24, 2015

Alex Mihailidis, Scientific Director of Age-Well, a government-financed organization dedicated to developing a better quality of life for Zoomers through technology, explains how his group  will design and manufacture technology-based tools to help us as we age. For more info … Continue reading

Pat Stogran
March 20, 2015

Retired Canadian Colonel Pat Stogran weighed in on an extended and expanded role for Canada’s military against ISIL. He spoke with guest host Jane Brown and took calls. 

John Papastergiou
March 20, 2015

John Papastergiou of the Canadian Pharmacists Association joined guest host Jane Brown to take your questions about diabetes along with other medication questions.